Our History

Sei Boku Bonsai Kai was founded by the late nurseryman, Bob Kato in 1983. From the beginning, Sei Boku has been dedicated to educating the public about the joys of the Japanese art of training trees in pots, known as bonsai (pronounced “bone-sigh”).

Over the years, the club has grown and has always been inclusive to all. From the “Club that Cares” to our evolved focus of building a community, it’s always been the people that make the difference.


Sei Boku Bonsai Kai offers a variety of ways to learn and be inspired in the art of bonsai. Below you can see the club in action in these historical images. They represent special exhibits during meetings, Dr. Bonsai at club shows, special guests demonstrators, and workshops.

Above, Sensei Kathy Shaner, is always at treasured demonstrator a the club. Having access to bonsai masters who can visit the club is an important asset that SBBK offers.


Trips to local nurseries, bonsai gardens, vendors of glazed and unglazed pots, and trips to purchase just the right soil are scheduled at various times throughout the year, weather permitting. The trips are for active members only. Information about the trips can be found in the monthly newsletter sent to each member. 

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